Your body is not a temple; it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.
— Anthony Bourdain

A Taste of Sydneyland…

Cover | 1 hr


Prologue | 90min *preferred minimum


Novella | 2 hrs


*experiences over 2 hrs require an outing

Graphic Novel <3 | 4hrs * fav


  • in date extensions are an additional +400/hr

  • Couples +200

Lingering Experiences

Harlequin Romance| 6hrs


Dream Sequence | 14hrs (overnight)


Epilogue | 24hrs


Anthology | 48hrs


Fly Me To You

Am I still on your mind from our past rendezvous? Or perhaps you want to meet me but won’t be in my area soon enough? Feel free to fly me to you for a minimum of 6 hours+ first or business class airfare and lodging.

Inquire further via email.


HouseKeeping Rules

Fine Print:

All payment is of course for my time only. I accept cash, Bitcoin, and Square Cash App (established clients only). Please leave my consideration in an unsealed envelope somewhere obvious without mentioning it. If we are in public you can conceal my consideration within a card, gift bag or book before passing it along. Please present my consideration to me within the first ten minutes of my arrival. If I have to mention it, it will make things a bit awkward and dampen the mood.

Deposits of 25% are required to secure all dates. Unless you’ve paid a deposit, we are just hypothetically speaking and your time is not reserved.

Cancellation Policy:

48+ hours notice : no worries, lets reschedule

Less than 48 hours: 25% cancellation fee is due. Failure to pay the cancellation fee will result in you being blacklisted and unable to see me in the future.

If I must cancel, I will of course return any deposits made and add a complimentary hour to our next session if you rebook :)