Travel Wishlist

Ultimate Travel Wishlist.png

I like to regard traveling as my second love (right behind food of course)…and unfortunately, I don’t get to do it enough! For this reason, I am currently offering vacation discounts on International trips!! (these rates apply no matter which Sydneyland Experience you choose)

Weekend Getaway~48hrs:  $6000

Week in Paradise (Sunday afternoon-Sunday afternoon): $15,000

Anything longer: inquire via email please


Here are my TOP TEN travel destinations: (* means its somewhere I’ve never been before)


10.) Johannesburg, South Africa*

9.) Paris, France

8.) Venice, Italy

7.) Phuket, Thailand

6.) Sydney, Australia*

5.) Amalfi Coast, Italy*

4.) Santorini, Greece*

3.) Dubai, UAE*

2.) Marrakech, Morocco*

1.) Bali, Indonesia

Please note* cost excludes airfare and lodging, which is still to be covered by you.